Friday, April 3, 2015


Despite its origin, and all sciences it get on, in computing Lambda is present in almost all programming languages that claim to be. There is a feature unique to lambda functions, its ability to work as a function without need to be declared beforehand, always with the fact it can accept the variable argument.
In this short example I will show you an example:

Constant = 3;
Def add(x):
Return Constant + x

Y = add(3);

In the above sample we see a declaration, and return keyword, now let's see

Lambda sample

Constant = 3;
Y = lambda x: constant + 4;

This is programming, Y is equal to 7. Now let's see something of linguistic, it seems that lambda-reduction has three steps, and it works equal the one it does in programming, to keep a meaning while reduce the function: the sentence.