Sunday, June 26, 2016


Scrum is an Agile process framework that consists of roles, events, artifacts and procedures to be used by the work team to achieve an objective.
People in a team can be named as follow is being described:
-The ScrumMaster will guarantee the environment is fine. It will be its work to serve the Product Owner, the Work Team, and The Organization. It includes coaching and both technical and non-technical facilities.
-The Product Owner is a sole person that will keep the backlog, something like the list of activities of daily work as well as modify it and deal with team work about product definition.
Team work are developers with same functions or different functions according Product Owner decisions, it could an analyst, a programmer, a tester or it could be three people doing the three functions.
At this point we have the people and main roles, now the events, artifacts and procedures are to be arranged carefully in a Scrum planning meeting, being now at the beginning of any Sprint, and this one at a time of two weeks to one month that will produce a product Increment, it is a new advance on the production of the product itself the Scrum team is working with.