Saturday, December 31, 2016

Naive and Programming

It is known that programming becomes a little hard from some point of view or a few at least. To get the IDE, the framework and the language to build an application is not the same than a language and let´s go. Now, let´s talk about learn 10 framework of just one language like it could be Javascript, it could be with Javascript in the basement and the fundaments of any framework, even so at this point we are at Naive Programming, it´s a ingenuous point of view to wait someone do it in one day, I refers to the learning curve, it´s also ingenuous, wait six months per year to learn, and then to program.
Therefore, we are at Naive programming, where to learn is the way OF program and not the one TO program.
Like the naive movement of artist, to develop a system is not a matter of learn a language, but to learn the world fundaments and then we could learn a language, a IDE, a framework and so forth.